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About 5 year ago, statistics showed that roughly 4.5 Filipinos or so are homeless as 33% of the population seems to be living below the poverty line at that particular time. For a family of 5, a family should have at least Php 7000 monthly income to live a decent life. And the dream of most Filipinos to own a house and live a decent life remained a dream. Things slowly changed after 5 years.

With the growing number of developers providing affordable houses, many Filipinos started to reach their dreams with the help of affordable housing loans from banks and Pag-ibig Funds. Projects like Grand Monaco Homes II, affordably priced with quality built, started to answer the silent cry of Filipino families to live a decent life and have a space that they can call their own – a home. Grand Monaco takes pride in the quality of the residential structures they make because despite their low prices no substandard material was used. Every single detail of each house was attended during its construction phase.

Grand Monaco Homes II is a community of peace loving people who love their families above all else. And to ensure that Filipino family values and traditions are protected these simple things were put in-place:

Grand Monaco Homes II is a secured village inside Kingspoint Subdivision in Brgy. Bagbag with a beautifully towering security house at the entrance area where side by side, the entrance and the exit gates are situated. 24/7 there are security personnel manning the gates. The entire village is also gated to protect the exclusivity of the community and the privacy of residents.

Clean & Well-planned community:
The Philippines, being a tropical country, weighs on extreme weather conditions – too hot during summer, flooded during rainy season. Flooding a problem that the mainstream of Metro Manila has been dealing with for a long time but that is not common here in Grand Monaco Homes II. With that basic understanding of our weather system, Grand Monaco Estate Developers, Inc. made sure that underground drainage systems are made up of large concrete pipes and culverts enough to accommodate the usual surface run-offs during heavy rains. This makes the entire community safe during rainy season. During summer, the village is protected from too much heat by growing trees, plants and even grasses that serve as mat for sidewalks and open lawns. Residents continue to enjoy a buffered cool air in and out of their houses. Access roads are wide enough for cars to pass through with strategic lightings.

Bigger lot areas and beautiful interiors:
This is a Grand Monaco trade mark for year, giving spacious lawns to individual house and lot owners. Because the company understand what space means for families, little gardens can be placed around the house and for individual attached units, a nice space for flowers is available at the front lawn. As to interiors, all rooms were designed and created to have spacious interiors for easier movements. Living and dining areas are tidily kept with space saving materials to provide ample space. Including the kitchen and the back service areas for laundry.  

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